The Beggars Opera – Notes on Historical Context

Written after the English revolution,  anticipation of huge change – urban, scientific and society,  composite art form, contemporary commeny; cynical society.

After the revolution the Puritans closed all theatres because of the bad morals and behaviour associated with rhem, and because hy are a place where alot of people can gather and spark a revolution.

The restoration
Charles ii returned to reatore order in England from abroad,  where he had be influenced by rhe the arts. He reintroduced theatre and allowed women onto the stage.

The parliament now had more control than the monarchy and thereby , ore debates between political parties.  The structure of society that we are familiar with was being built.

There was no formal police force to enfore the law, instead there were private groups of law enforces that were often corrupt,  however there was a transition takig place into organised enforces run by the boroughs of London.

Only 2 theatres were licenced for drama, so music was extremely popular. Sheet music was being solf on the street making the culture accessible and Opera was very popular,  especially Handel.

Religion was become less of a focus for art, as well as only a part of society and life style.