Themes of Hansel and Gretel

Good overcomes evil

Hansel and Gretel – connecting with the story

  • The future depends on us
  • sharing difficulties
  • distribution of wealth
  • neglect from parents
  • greed/poverty
  • knowing you can make it through
  • responsibility to help family
  • home is where you feel safe
  • if every thing has been taken away from you, what would you become?
  • self discovery
  • safety in trusting a sibling
  • broken trust
  • gender stereotypes
  • triumph of children’s spirits over adults repression
  • strength of sibling relationships

Hansel and Gretel – Trip to the Forest

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We went on a walk though the forest to be inspired by the environment and explore concepts and ideas in a safe place that relates to the themes of ‘Hansel and Gretel’. We explored images from the text as well as remembering how the forest makes you feel, and through these feelings consider point of view, seeing the world in a different way.

The things I was most interested in was the light through the trees that illuminated the yellows and greens of the leaves overhead and underneath, the smell of damp rotting wood, and the cold earthy dampness of every thing that you touch.

Pathways was a key element of the forests, they are how you travel through the forest, often not being able to see where you are going or where you have been. This is something I have strong feelings towards, it gives a sense of fear, adventure, excitement but also relief. You don’t have to make any decisions as the path decides for you. It reminds me of the design of High Gate Cemetery in London, with the intention that you cannot look forward or back. you are in a place where time doesn’t matter.