City Installation – Making the Silhoutte

wpid-20131019_132837.jpg wpid-20131020_105020.jpg wpid-20131020_165423.jpg wpid-20131020_165428.jpg


I created a template and made hundred of birds which created a really strong image. However when I took them to the location to install my piece none of the birds would stick to the wall and I could not create the strong silhouette of the figure I wanted to.

I then reconsidered my intervention and returned to the brief. I stared to think about how I could adjust my idea so that it became more interactive with my audience and chose to create a curtain through which the members of the audience would have to walk through.

So I sewed the birds together in the hope that by weaving the tread through the paper I could create the silhouette and retain the shape when it was lifted up. I was really disappointed when I finally came to this point and the web of birds didn’t keep the shape I wanted.