Riot project – the design

Our ideas came together quite quickly. We all drew something very similar to my first drawing and brought our ideas together to create my second drawing. after trying to model the drawing we soon realised that is would be extremely difficult to create and would have the effect of a dense mass that we wanted.

We then considered scale, and started to think about how we could create a mass, this led us to think about the similarities of a riot of people and an ant hill. Using this concept I wanted to push how we could make the cart transform into the beast made from the people.

We started to design a shape based on the ant hill with a performer underneath that moved, making the small scale people attached move – creating a beast.

I was really interested in how the 3 carts would work together and what the narrative of the overall performance would be, so after talking to the other groups I realised that our cart would need to ‘perform’ last as it was a representation of the riot itself. With this in mind I returned to my original idea of using fabric to create the beast.

Through my drawings and creating a model with the group we started to think about what the fabric should be and how it related to the ant hill idea. We decided that the fabric should come out of the people, as the beast came from the mass of human beings.

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