Riot Project – Initial research

Quotes from accounts

Columns of smoke

scene of turmoil and desolation.

a dense black mass of human beings more like wild beasts shrieking and howling.

Research Links

(explains about what happened during the riot of 1831)

(website for the exhibition that we are performing at)

Nottingham Castle on fire, 10 October 1831.


Riot project – ideas for perfomance


Riot Project – Carnival Research

Tim Hill


Skills Week Scenic Painting at Nottingham Playhouse


Placement With Dorrie Scott

I worked as design assistant for Dorrie Scott on Dr Faustus at Lakeside Arts Theatre.

When I arrived she had already designed most of the set so I helped to make the final model. Researching images, model making and painting the model.

I spent a lot of time researching costume references and drawing elements of costume Dorrie’s drawings.

While with Dorrie, I presented the model and drawing with her to the Production manger, Director and Construction company.

I assisted Dorrie with souring costume, props and elements of set online and at various supplier such as the scrap store and Anchor Supplies.

I returned during production process to help paint the set. I painted all of the wooden aspects of the set along with Dorrie and Clare and Sarah from Nottingham Playhouse.

Finding Home @ The Apex

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