City Installation – My idea

Design idea 1

I want to bring light into the darkness of the tunnel to challenge people’s perception of the space, yet I still want to moment on the sadness and uncomfortable atmosphere. So my idea is to create the shadow of a silhouette. I want to create it from white birds, the symbol of hope to contradict the emotion of the shadow. I want to create the a reverse shadow (shadows are dark so I am using white) in order to question the relationship between the two contrasting elements of the installation – hope and sadness.

When you first approach the shadow you only see the sad figure, but as you come closer you realise it is a flock of birds. which I hope will make the audience reconsider how they first interpreted the image.


City Installation – Artists that have influenced my installation

Mademoiselle Maurice is a street artist who draws with origami. she creates beautiful, bright REVERSE images. This idea of reverse really interests me because it is a way I can visually represent the idea of using something commonly seen as negative and reverse it to create a positive message.

I really love the idea of using shadow as it gives the impression of a brief moment that has been left behind. It will also reflect the stillness of the space I have chosen. I looked at various street artist that use shadow, such as Banksy (links on this page

This image really stood out to me when researching shadows in an urban environment. I think is because its such a private fleeting moment that has been captured and presented to the public, and yet it almost fades into every day life without people noticing it.

City Installation – Hope

White Birds are a recognised symbol of hope and is an image used a lot in fairy tales.

2013-10-13 14.10.28

For some reason when I saw this I was reminded of the white bird in the tree from ‘Hansel and Gretel’. There is a lot of negative association with this image – drugs and gang related death, which made me question why I was reminded of a positive image. I started to consider how this could influence the purpose of my installation and what I want an audience to take away from it.

City Installation


This is my documentation of my development of a project to create an intervention that explores a public place, delving into the aesthetics of the city environment. I hope to work creatively around the themes of ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’ and ‘Ash Girl’ to create an installation in a public place.

I want to look at the theme of hope as is not only a strong theme in ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and ‘Ash Girl’, but also key to the work of Urban Angel and Baboozle, two Theatre companies that have inspired me with their work in the last couple of weeks.

The Tunnel in the arboretum became my location because of the feelings I associate with it. As I approach I am filled with a feeling of fearful anticipation, this quickly turns to a quite stillness once inside the walls of the tunnel. This photo I took captures, I feel, the atmosphere of the location, a quiet place for shadows to hide.

Quad Official Photographs


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