I worked on he design team for the first production of The Mercury Theatre Young Persons Company. Working with Sara Perks I was involved in the design process from the start of the production through to the last performance. I helped to bring so initial ideas to he table and although Sara designed the set, my influence in the overall style was still evident. I then took part in workshops held by professionals at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester. This allowed me to get a sense of the other aspects related to design such as lighting design, sound design and the role of wardrobe department. During the two-week rehearsal period I spent most of my time working with Rachel the wardrobe supervisor. I helped to pull a lot of possible costumes from the store rooms as well as accompanying Sara and Rachel on a trip to Bristol Costume Services to hire the majority of the costumes. I was heavily involved in costume fittings,  as well as altering sleeves and taking up hems. While in wardrobe I also made mic pack pouches, sewed buttons on to garment and spray painted shoes. I also sourced some items such as glasses from local shops and found authentic shirts on-line. During this period I also worked with the scenic painters to paint the floor where I was able to apply techniques I had learnt last year.  I also worked with Sara to source images t be projected onto the set.

Moving into production week I was mainly working with wardrobe,  spending some time backstage as a dresser as well as sitting in the auditorium next to Rachel taking notes. On the second day I was able to shadow the designer in the technical rehearsal as well as siting behind he production desk. From here I was able to observe how the tech worked as a whole and how each part of the team contributed and worked together.

For the dress rehearsal I worked as a dresser backstage alongside another work experience student. I quickly learnt the tricks of quick changes and how to help the actors. Before all the shows I did hair and makeup after bein taught by a stage makeup artist how to achieve a 19690s mod look. On all 4 performances I did hair and make up then dressed back stage.

The whole experience helped me to develop my confidence not only in myself but also making design decisions. I learnt how to help communicate someone elses idea and work within a very large team.  I also learnt how to work with actors and realised the importance of making them (as a designer and from a wardrobe) point of view feel comfortable. I also was really interested in observing how he designer and director interacted and worked together. I have grown a lot as a designer from this experience, as I feel I now have a greater understanding of the whole design process and how it fits into the rest of the production.