Suitcase Project – Creating our Attic

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Our main theme and what we wanted to portray about tour character to the audience was keeping dark secrets hidden. We chose to demonstrate this though a naturalistic scene when the choices that our character had made were brought to light. This narrative was formed through finding objects that represented the choices that she had made and through these the character herself was found in her suitcase. We chose to situate this scene in an attic as we thought that it created the right atmosphere, dark and full of forgotten objects.

We also knew that we wanted to use an overhead projector as it cast a light on the secrets, taking them out of darkness and reveling them to an audience. after exploring different ways to use the projector, from cut out illustrative sequences that were very literal to a much more abstract play on scale and shifting shape.

As we developed our ‘space’ our narrative became more coherent. Once we decide d to project onto an angled screen it became much easier to convey the link between the live naturalistic action and the abstract shadow exploration.

Suitcase Project – Exploring the Themes of Gertrude’s Character

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After creating a body map of them personality and themes associated with Gertrude, and as our interpretation developed, I created these response to help inform our installation.

Suitcase Project – ‘Hamlet’

  • The Brief for this project: to explore alternative forms of performance practices, environments and approaches to text and audience, by dissecting disassembling and reassembling the characters.
  • An introduction to: exploring the relationship between space, objects, performer and audience. Working creatively with lighting and projection design. Devising work in a group situation. Approaches to making performance and installation. Object Theatre.

The starting point for this project was a character from Hamlet and an empty suitcase. As well as an introduction to different ways of projecting.

Very early on we explored using an over head projector, which we developed into the tell of our character’s story:



Playing with an Over Head Projector